Child Model

Join the Greeley Children's Chorale

The Greeley Children’s Chorale consists of three groups: Summit Singers, Peak Performers, and Valley Voices. Valley Voices is a non-auditioned group for children in grades 2–4. Children who will be in grade 3–6 in the upcoming school year and who will be at least 8 years old may audition for Summit Singers. Peak Performers are selected from children who will be in grade 5–8 in the upcoming school year. Singers graduate from GCC upon completion of their 8th grade year.


Placement in Peak, Summit, or Valley is at the discretion of the directors.

At your GCC audition, you will be asked to sing the first verse of “America” (“My country, ’tis of thee…”). You will also be asked to sing the melody with provided accompaniment and to echo-sing a series of tones.