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GCC Notes: December 12, 2022

What a beautiful concert Saturday afternoon! All of our singers sounded amazing, and the compliments were pouring out of concert goers as they left the church. Thank you again for your commitment and hard work! We appreciate our singers and their families more than we can say!

Yes, we have rehearsal tomorrow night! Valley is welcome to stay until 7:00 with all the other singers! Please be sure your singer is bundled up to go caroling.

GREELEY CHAMBER POP-UP: The Greeley Chamber has asked if we would come sing at their Business After Hours event on Thursday, December 15th. Singers would need to be downtown at the Moxi theater at 5:00. We will sing at 5:15 and be finished about 5:45. This is a great opportunity to increase our presence in the community and we would appreciate any of you that can be there. Singers will wear blue polo shirts with jeans and any fun holiday accessories (Santa hats, reindeer antler headbands, festive scarves, light-up necklaces, etc.).Thank you for considering this event and being there if you can! So we know that we have enough singers to make this work, please let us know if your singer can make it. You do not need to respond if your singer cannot be there.

TEXAS ROADHOUSE GIFTCARDS-LAST CALL: This is your last opportunity to get Texas Roadhouse gift cards!

They can be in any denomination from $5.00 to $100.00. These can be used for Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, etc. You could also use them for yourselves if your family goes there to eat or takes carry out home. If you are an employer, you could use them as a thank you or as a special recognition for your employees. These cards do not expire! We need to know the number you would like, the denominations you would like and the payment for them at rehearsal tomorrow.

NEW REHEARSAL LOCATION: Beginning on January 9th, our first rehearsal back after winter break, we will be rehearsing at Greeley West High School. We are so grateful to St. Pat's for their generosity in letting us invade their space these last few years. They have been so gracious! In addition, we are grateful to our families who have made the trek downtown every Monday. We know that many of you live farther west in town, so we are looking forward to being more centrally located. You can bring your singer in the main entrance on the east side of the school and rehearsal will take place down the hall to the right as you come in. Time for rehearsal stays the same.

NUTCRACKER SHOUT-OUT: A huge "Thank You" to our singers that took part in the Nutcracker this week! We know it makes for a very busy week and we are so grateful to you, and your family members that got you there for rehearsals and performances! We appreciate you all so much!


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