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GCC Notes February 20, 2023

REMINDER: No rehearsal tonight.

ELEMENTARY CHORAL FESTIVAL: This Tuesday is the festival! We are very excited about this event and are very grateful so many of our Summit Singers are participating. Please remember that your singer needs to be at the Union Colony Civic Center by 10:45 dressed in jeans and their blue polo shirt. They also need a sack lunch that is completely disposable as there won't be a place to store lunch boxes. If you have extra tickets, you won't be using, please bring them when you drop off your singer so we can give them to the box office. If you need extra tickets, we need to hear from you no later than tomorrow morning! Otherwise, you can check with the box office. Here is the link where the concert will be livestreamed: Greeley/Evans Elementary Choral Festival. The concert begins at 6:00. Doors will open at 5:00. Following the concert, singers can be picked up in the hall by the green room. That is on the side closest to the Rec Center.

GCC SWAG SHOP: GoJo's has extended our swag shop as there were only 9 orders placed and they require 18 to process an order. If anyone wanted to order and thought they missed the opportunity or have been thinking about it, you now have until Wednesday, the 22nd at midnight to place an order. Here is the link to place orders: LINK FOR THE GCC SWAG SHOP

FUNDRAISER REMINDER: Simply Delicious Fundraiser: Shop online or via the order forms that were sent home at practice. Delivery will be made at West H.S. prior to Easter. Make sure to add the singer's name. Please use this link to order your Easter and Summer Treats:


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