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GCC Notes January 20, 2023

KING SOOPERS SCRIPT: Today is the last day to send in a screenshot of your 4th quarter earnings if you participate in the community rewards program with KS. Any money not claimed by the end of the day will go into the general fund.

UNIFORMS: Our Stars concert (Peak & Summit) is just a few short weeks away on Feb. 4th. Please have your singer try on their formal uniform this weekend to check the fit. If adjustments need to be made, please send their uniform with them to rehearsal on Monday! A committee member will be there to help switch out pieces if necessary. We don't want to be panicking the week of the concert trying to fit singers for new uniforms. Your help now is appreciated!


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UNIFORMS: As we are just a few weeks away from our Stars concert (Peak & Summit), it's time to double check how your singer's uniform is fitting. Someone from the uniform committee will be at rehearsa

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