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GCC Notes March 6, 2023

Wow! (x3) again this week for another beautiful and amazing performance by our amazing singers! Peak Performers, thank you for putting in extra time this week and performing so beautifully with the Greeley Chamber Orchestra and representing GCC so well to our community. We appreciate you all so much!

Last Chance to add $ to singer's PFA for the Season- Our Last FUNDRAISER: DUE Monday March 6thSimply Delicious Fundraiser: Shop online or via the order forms that were sent home at practice. Orders are due TOMORROW. Delivery will be made at West H.S. prior to Easter. Make sure to add the singer's name. Please use this link to order your Easter and Summer Treats: COLORADO ROCKIES NATIONAL ANTHEM PERFORMANCE (APRIL 30TH): Attached you will find an order form for tickets for the Rockies game on April 30th. As in the past, you are welcome to order tickets through your singer's school or you can order through us. You just need to be sure your singer has a ticket if they are going! For our new families, this is a family outing. We do not provide transportation and supervision for your singer. If you would like for your singer to attend and sing, you need to purchase a ticket for them and whoever else will be going from your family. This is a great opportunity to take friends and family as the ticket price is considerably lower than normal. There are upper-level tickets and lower-level tickets available. We are also excited to welcome Valley Voices for this performance! For your planning purposes, singers will need to be in the ballpark sometime between 11:30 and noon that day. We will have the exact time as we get closer. We are asking for you to return the order form tonight so we can get our ticket order placed with the Rockies as soon as possible. The sooner we get it to them, the better seating we can get! You may pay for tickets with cash, check made out to GCC or pfa funds. 8TH GRADERS-SPRING SING SOLO REHEARSALS: 8th graders begin their solo rehearsals for Spring Sing tomorrow night. These will run from 7-7:30 after each regular rehearsal from now until Spring Sing. NO REHEARSAL NEXT WEEK-D6 SPRING BREAK SAVE THE DATE: We will be having a GCC family fun afternoon at the Boomer House from 1:00-5:00 on Sunday, March 26th. This will be a social time for singers and their families to hang out and enjoy each other outside of rehearsals and concerts. More details coming soon. PEAK TOUR PAYMENT: If you are wanting to use PFA funds to make your next tour payment, a PFA form must be filled out by Monday, March 20th.


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