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GCC Notes October 10, 2022

For Summit and Peak, the 4th tuition payment was due last Monday. Thank you to all that paid. If you haven't had a chance or forgot, please pay as soon as possible. Tuition must be current in order for your singer to be in the formal pictures next week.

VALLEY POLOS: Valley will be receiving their GCC polo shirts tomorrow night.

EAGLES HOCKEY (Summit/Peak): We just booked November 5th to perform the National Anthem at the Eagle's hockey game! As soon as we have ticket details from our representative there, we will get that info to you. For planning purposes, know that although the game begins at 7:05, singers will need to be there much earlier (it's been 5:15 in the past). This is the Eagles requirement, not ours.

POINSETTIA POPS (PEAK): If you are planning to attend this concert (Sat., Dec. 3rd) to watch your singer perform, you must purchase tickets through the Union Colony Civic Center. This concert has sold out in the past, so we encourage you to plan ahead and by tickets early. Attached are flyers with codes you can use for discounted tickets.

PEAK TOUR: If you are planning to use your personal fundraising account to make the tour payment that is due to Gateway on Oct. 24th, you must fill out a PFA form by Oct. 17th. You can do that tomorrow night at rehearsal or the 17th. If you need to know how much is in your singer's account, send an email and we'll let you know.

FORMAL GROUP PICTURES: OCT. 17TH: Black shoes will be needed for our formal pictures. Plain, solid black ballet flats for girls and solid black dress shoes for boys. Please don't wait until the last minute to find shoes. We are hearing it is still challenging to find them. Singers will also need calf-high or knee-high black socks. No ankle socks please. If girls need to wear a cami or bra under their blouse, they need to be skin colored. Valley singers will wear their blue polo shirts and black pants we are providing.

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