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Concert Crowd


The annual cost for each child’s membership in the Greeley Children’s Chorale is $590 for Peak/Summit, and $200 for Valley. This is broken down as:

  • $50.00 registration fee (non-refundable)

  • $490.00 tuition ($150.00 for Valley Voices)​

  • $50.00 uniform deposit (Peak/Summit only)

Please visit our payment gateway to pay tuition.

What's included

Peak/Summit tuition includes:

  • Attendance at our annual 3-day summer camp

  • Pool party

  • Weekly 90-minute rehearsals and vocal instruction during the concert season

  • 3–4 major performances and several minor performances

  • 10 adult concert tickets priced at $10 each

  • Spring Sing t-shirt

  • $50 refundable formal uniform deposit

Valley tuition includes:

  • Weekly 45-minute rehearsals and vocal instruction during the concert season

  • 2 major performances per season


The $50 non-refundable registration fee is due at the time of acceptance into the group. The remaining balance is split into 5 equal payments that are due in July, August, September, October, and November.

All payments must be made by the due dates specified in the contract. Failure to remit the appropriate funds in a timely manner will result in your child being suspended from the group’s activities until the funds are paid. In addition, there is a $10 late fee per payment.


Any checks returned for insufficient funds will be subject to a fee (which may be in addition to fees from your financial institution), and only cash or money orders may be accepted for payments in the future.

GCC offers Peak Performers and Summit Singers grants in the amounts of $150 or $250. Grant recipients are still responsible for paying the remainder of the balance. Requests for tuition grants must be submitted with all necessary documentation in order for the request to be considered.

Additional Expenses

All singer must purchase a blue polo shirt for $15 at the beginning of the year. If a polo is lost, damaged, or grown out of, a new one must be purchased.

Most of the following are optional expenses you may incur if your singer chooses to participate and/or you choose to attend certain optional events.

Sporting Events Where We Perform
  • UNC Games: Typically free for the singer with group rate tickets for family members ($8–12). Fall/winter.

  • Colorado Eagles: All attending are required to purchase a ticket, both singers and family members (group rate $13–15). Usually in March. Charge for parking.

  • Rockies: All attending are required to purchase a ticket, both singers and family members. You have a choice of $3 upper level seats or $14 lower level seats. Usually in April. Parking at Coors Field can cost $14–16.

Special Events
  • Poinsettia Pops: Peak Performers usually perform with the Greeley Philharmonic Orchestra at the Poinsettia Pops Concert in early December.  For parents who choose to attend, tickets range from $10–35.

  • Disney on Ice: Summit Singers are treated to a trip to Disney on Ice. GCC purchases tickets for the singers and arranges carpools. If family members choose to attend, they can purchase tickets at a group rate ($11–13). Usually in March. Charge for parking.

These prices are set by the hosting event and are subject to change.

  • Group Photos: We take photos of all groups in October. Prints can be ordered for $10 each and are usually delivered before Thanksgiving.

  • Concert CDs & DVDs: We make an audio recording of our Winter’s Eve concert (December) and a video of our Spring Sing (April). These recordings cost $15–20.

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