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GCC Notes August 21, 2023

Updated: Aug 21

Woot, woot! Here we go! We are excited to see our singers tomorrow night and start singing! SUMMIT & PEAK: 1st rehearsal tomorrow night from 5:30-7:00 at Chappelow. VALLEY FIRST REHEARSAL: AUG. 28TH (5:30-6:15 at Chappelow) SUMMIT/PEAK MANDATORY PARENT MEETING: AUG. 28TH at 6:15 VALLEY PARENT MEETING: AUG. 28TH at 5:30 OWLZ BASEBALL POP-UP SUMMIT & PEAK: We will be performing the National Anthem at the Owlz game on August 26th. Their baseball field is located at 801 Diamond Valley Drive in Windsor. Singers will need to arrive at 6:15. The game is at 7:05. Singers will get a free ticket to the game. We need to give them a number of singers, so please respond if your singer will be participating no later than Wednesday at noon. Families and friends that are attending the game will be able to purchase tickets in the same section using the code FLCANTHEM20 to get 20% off. (Tickets are normally $25 and $15). Our contact person is supposed to be letting us know our section soon and we'll get that out as soon as we know it! People can also check in with the parking attendant by saying they are with the Greeley Children's Chorale to sing the National Anthem to get a free parking pass. Singers will need to wear their blue polo shirts* and pants/shorts of choice. *BLUE POLOS: We don't have the YM shirts yet, so we will have some other sizes available for your singer at rehearsal tomorrow night if they are singing at the baseball game. When the medium polos come in, we will exchange them with you. SNAP!RAISE FUNDRAISER: Please be thinking about 20 people you can send an email to through our new fundraiser. We will go over this in depth at the parent meeting but want you to be thinking about this so we can get it up and running by September 5th. STARS CONCERT: Please note that the date for our Stars concert in February was changed from the 10th to the 3rd. It was originally listed as the 10th on the contract but had to be changed due to a conflict with the venue.

WEBSITE: Just a reminder that our website is a great place to find information and to see dates of events. The "Parents And Singers" tab at the top has the singer calendar under it which will give you all the upcoming events we currently have scheduled.


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