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GCC Notes May 1, 2023

What an amazing ending to an awesome season. We couldn't be more proud of, thankful for and inspired by our singers and their families! It has been a blessing working with all of you and watching each singer grow. 8th graders, we will miss you all very much and wish you much success in your high school journey!


TURN-IN NIGHT: Tonight is turn-in night and auditions for Summit Singers who have been invited to try-out for Peak Performers. Those auditions will take place at 5:15. ONLY those singers will be allowed in the building at that time! Everyone else needs to wait until 5:30 when we will be ready to have you bring your music (which you will be asked to sort out into the appropriate piles, uniforms (Summit and Peak that means all parts of your formal uniform. Valley, that means your black pants) and let us know you registered for next season or jump on a computer and register at that time. Tour folks, you will be asked if you have filled out the necessary paperwork online that was sent to you. When you've completed the checklist, you may receive your certificate, grab a cookie and hug the directors before you head home. Whew!

REGISTRATION: Registering now for next season is vitally important for us for planning purposes over the summer. Although our singers get a break, the directors and board keep going preparing for the upcoming season. Having accurate numbers helps us set our budget in June, order music and plan camp just to name a few things. Please help us out with this and register by Monday night or while you are there turning things in.

If you already registered your singer for Peak/Summit, you may have seen February 3 listed on the contract as the date for our Stars concert. This is incorrect: Stars is February 10. Please update you calendar accordingly.

NEED-BASED GRANTS: If you currently receive a need-based grant or are thinking you would like to apply for one for next season, please see Tonia during turn-in night to get an application. Grants must be applied for each season!

AUDITIONS: If you know anyone who would like to audition for GCC, here is the sign-up link that you are welcome to share! Greeley Children's Chorale: Auditions ( This is for new singers only.

Auditions Please review the available slots below and click on the button to sign up. Thank you!

PEAK TOUR REHEARSAL AND MEETING DATE CHANGE!!: Monday, May 8th at St. Patrick's Church, there will be a mandatory rehearsal from 5:30-6:15 followed by a very important, mandatory tour meeting for singers AND parents at 6:15. TOUR MONEY/PFA: Tour folks, your singer will need money for 5 lunches and possibly souvenirs. You may request money from your singer's pfa (up to $150) to help with these things. You must fill out a pfa request form tomorrow night in order to do so! We will then have those funds for you at the tour meeting. GCC SWAG: We've opened our swag store with GoJo's for one last time this season. Tour folks, this is a great opportunity to grab a sweatshirt or hoodie for San Diego. GoJo's has graciously lowered their order limit for us just this time to 12 pieces. We have the store opened until May 14th. You will have to go in and pick your items up yourself when they are ready. We do have one family that purchased a youth large hoodie in the last order that does not fit their singer and hasn't been worn. If you are interested in buying that one from them ($30) let me know and I will get you in touch. SPRING SING SHIRTS: Didn't Peter do an amazing job on our Spring Sing shirts for the Lion King medley?! They are awesome! They are also 100% cotton, so be aware of that when washing so they don't shrink. Tour friends, you will be wearing this shirt in San Diego and you want to be sure it still fits! GREELEY STAMPEDE: We are thrilled to announce that we will back at the Stampede this summer singing the National Anthem at the rodeo on June 27th. We are honored to be performing on Military Appreciation Night. We will send all the details as soon as we get them. This will be for all of our current singers from this season including Valley Voices. We hope many of you can join us.


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