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GCC Notes November 21, 2022

EXTRA PEAK REAHEARSAL: Don't forget that for those of you in town this week, the directors scheduled an extra rehearsal to prepare for the Poinsettia Pops concert! Please plan to attend if you can! Our singers will be performing with the Greeley Philharmonic Orchestra and the Greeley Chorale. As of last week's rehearsal, they were not as prepared as they need to be! If your singer is unable to attend, please be sure they are practicing! They need to be sure they have the music memorized! We appreciate you bringing your singer! Rehearsal is same place, same time as usual!


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GCC Families, We have the opportunity to get some more name recognition in the community by partnering with Texas Roadhouse and doing co-branded gift cards with them. They will create gift cards that

FINAL TUITION PAYMENT (SUMMIT/PEAK): The 5th and final tuition payment was due last Monday. We are missing that payment from many of you! Please pay online through the website as soon as possible or