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GCC Notes October 17, 2022


FORMAL GROUP PICTURES: We will be taking group pictures tomorrow night during rehearsal. Your singer needs to come dressed in their formal uniform to rehearsal! For Summit and Peak that means girls in their palazzo pant and blue blouse-boys in their black pants and black shirt (we will distribute ties before pics). For Valley that means black pants and blue polo shirts.

A few things to remember in regard to formal concert attire:

All singers must have solid black shoes. A simple ballet flat for girls and black dress shoes for boys. All singers must have black calf-high or knee-high socks. (No ankle socks! No white socks!!) If girls need to wear a bra or cami under their blouse, please be sure it is skin-colored. Some girls found that wearing leggings under the palazzo pants made them more comfortable. They are welcome to do that as long as the leggings are black. Hair, for all singers, must be pulled away from the face with simple, black hair accessories (pony holders, barrettes, headbands). No jewelry, with the exception of small, stud earrings.

RISER HELP: We will need to use our risers for the pictures tomorrow night. If anyone is available to come at 5:00 and help set them up, we would be very grateful!!

PICTURE ORDERS: An order form will go home with singers tomorrow night and be due back the following week. Pictures may not be paid for through the website, only in person.

SAN DIEGO TOUR PAYMENT: If you are planning on using your singer's personal fundraising account for the tour payment due to Gateway next week, you must fill out a PFA form tomorrow night! We have to get the check in the mail to Gateway on Tuesday morning, so if you miss this opportunity, you will have to make the payment to Gateway and use your PFA for the next payment.

WARM HUGS FUNDRAISER: If you participated in the Warm Hugs fundraiser, your items will be available tomorrow night! Please make arrangements to come in and get them or be sure your singer picks them up before they leave rehearsal.

EAGLES HOCKEY: Peak and Summit are performing the National Anthem at the Eagles Hockey game at the Budweiser Event Center on Saturday, Nov. 5th. Here is the link to use to purchase tickets. Your singer gets a free ticket, but you still need to order one for them. There is a place to order a "performer ticket" and a place to order "non-performer" tickets. The performance of the National Anthem has been moved back to the ice this season, so a waiver must be signed in order for your singer to perform. That will be available to sign at the next two rehearsals. Just a reminder for planning purposes, the Eagles organization requires singers to be there early even though the game doesn't begin until 7:00 (probably 5:15).

NUTCRACKER REHEARSALS: These begin tomorrow night immediately following regular rehearsal from 7–7:15.

REMINDER: There is no rehearsal on Monday, the 31st!

MUSIC MEMORIZATION: All music that will be performed at Winter's Eve should be memorized by next Monday, the 24th! Please be sure your singer is practicing!


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