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GCC Roadhouse Gift Cards

GCC Families,

We have the opportunity to get some more name recognition in the community by partnering with Texas Roadhouse and doing co-branded gift cards with them. They will create gift cards that will look similar to the attachment below and we then purchase them and give them as gifts or use them for our families if we eat there. In addition to our logo being on the gift cards, they will put up a "billboard" type sign, with our logo, in the restaurant for their patrons to see.

This is not a fundraiser. This is just another method for us to put our name out there.

So where do you come in? If you would like to be part of this with us, you can respond to this message and let us know that you would like to purchase some Texas Roadhouse gift cards. They can be in any denomination from $5.00 to $100.00. As stated above, you could use them for Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, etc. You could also use them for yourselves if your family went there to eat or took carry out home. If you are an employer, you could use them as a thank you or as a special recognition for your employees. These cards do not expire!

We need to know by December 12th, how many gift cards you would like to purchase and in what amounts, and we would need to receive the payment for them by that date. Texas Roadhouse can have them to us in a week and I (Tonia), would be happy to deliver them to you as we won't have rehearsal again until after the holidays.

Thanks for your consideration of this opportunity!


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